Thursday, June 24, 2010

Good day Sunshine...

Much has happened my faithful few fans in the weeks since my last post, but I just have been unable to find the time to put things into words. After all, playing the game is supposed to be more fun than writing about playing it… Still, you deserve to get your dose of dish so here we go.

Dynamis has been… interesting of late. Most important, a pair of bard pants is mine! Absolutely butt-ugly but the stat boosts are awesome. This of course means we have done a Dynamis Xarc (farming run, without a shitload of luck a win is out of the question with our current line-up only). I am now 5/5 on beast and bard and the only relic I still need is thief hands (also from Xarc), which are one of the most sought after items in the game due to their bonus to treasure hunter. I’m way down on that list and my thief is still my alternate lot until I get it to 65, I think. Checking with the Dynamis LS on the rules there.

The biggest thing is that they finally got around to announcing the update that was done on Monday, including the size of the 1st level cap increase, level 80 this go round. This defined the minimum I needed to finish leveling my subs to be ready for it. My leveling of white mage had already gotten me to 41 so I could put it off a bit. I worked dancer 1st, then ninja to 40. I didn’t worry about keeping my skills up as I leveled as I usually would because while they 1st announced the size of the increase they left the date unfilled for a few days. Limited inventory space confined me to 1 lower job at a time and I just powered through as best I could, 8 days as best I can recall working around Dynamis days and such.

Outside of leveling the subs to 40 minimum I went back to taking white mage to 42, with the eventual goal of 49-50. SE is raising the level cap to 99 eventually, so all subs will need to get to 49 eventually anyway, and white mage is my primary bard sub. I may want to do red mage soon though as at 82 bard that would leave me with 2 forms of refresh and another fast cast, weakened raise and reraise options though, hmm…

Started into a static group doing Nyzul climb, a form of assault that gives some good weapons and armor (if you are lucky). Not sure if the weapons will remain viable to the new levels, although they can be augmented as a trial weapon and they are one of the current 2 Uber weapons (mythic, the other being relic) that SE planned. Let’s just say some are more uber than others…

My biggest problem is money (why should the game be any different than real life, eh?). I don’t even have enough to cover the 3 bard songs I get with the current increase, and there is no gil in the areas most parties level so going forward this is going to be a problem methinks. If I get lucky, I can party with Mousie because she is cool with farming with me, but she has limits to her playing time so she is not often available. Of course I can always drag my beast out to farm/level, but that takes me away from the bard that benefits my Dynamis LS… Life will be so much easier when I can get back to working my thief. I do have plenty of stuff I can craft or fish or make supplies with if I take the time away from leveling, but I want to hit 80 ASAP so I am as useful as possible.

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