Monday, August 9, 2010

Sittin’ on the dock of the bay, wasting time...

So, as last reported I finally started my trial weapons. For those who don’t know I’m not going to spell the whole thing out, but a trial is to beat a certain number of whatever under certain conditions i.e. my last trial was 50 Evil Weapons under Fire, Wind, Thunder or Light weather. Now there are both level 75 and level 80 trials, presumably there will be more as the cap increases. Personally, I would make it a continuation of the 75 trial so that it keeps pace with your rising level instead of being something you finish just to put it away forever, but that’s just me. Oh, what is it you ask? A customized, augmented weapon with bonuses you choose to work for.

Not sure why I even started a 75 axe, I’ll be 80 shortly on beast and none of the other jobs I’m currently planning to level actually use axe, it’s different with the daggers, as both the thief and dancer I’m leveling use daggers. Whatever, I’m currently off-handing my 75 axe on my 79 bst/dnc.

1st trial was 50 crabs under any weather condition, did Vunkerl Inlet (s) and it was easy, just spent a fair amount of time waiting for weather, but it’s fairly active there so it took 2 days. I actually could have managed it in 1, but I started late in the day. The 2nd however was a bitch, the afore-mentioned evil weapons. The only truly quick way to do it is to level-sync to a qufim level and do weapons there as the weather cooperates frequently. Finding such a sync-especially as a beastmaster-is hard. So I tried Ro’Maeve but no joy; weather was infrequent, the wrong type half the time and the few occasions when there was weather the roving bands of Japanese players (judging by the bogus claims of not speaking English, most Japanese having at least a rough command of it) claiming and killing everything made progress all but impossible. I think I managed 6 there, total.

The Shrine of Ru’Avitau, not a place many go to hang out (especially with sky gear being outclassed by much of the newer, easier to obtain pieces for the most part) seemed to be the answer, and for the most part it was. Decorative Weapons give XP and skill-ups, according to wiki all the weather types occur there (all I ever saw was wind tho’), and with no competition there were plenty available. That being said, they are all EM to T+ to me, meaning that kills are slow (relatively speaking) and I can’t survive links without luck, expensive consumables or help. So Sunday I was in there for the 3rd day in a row and I got killed on a link.

I decided to go back to Ro’Maeve and kill there as (for once) the place wasn’t neck deep in Japanese parties, and what should appear on my Wide Scan but Shikigami Weapon. I know this NM drops THE uber robe for summoner so I holler for anyone in SK who wants it to come out. No one was responding, other than to ask what it was. Now this is a rare pop and a hard item to get so I keep asking. Finally, Woochekitty (who already has one) comes to join me thinking that I need it (maybe someday, but not now). While waiting for it to show up I learn that a 79 beast/dancer with a coeurl pet and a 70 NPC set to soothing healer is not soloing this thing without a lot of luck (read I died). Woo raises me, we fight it together, death. Don finally joins us-FYI other people were trying to kill, they did no better than Woo and I. We finally trio it (without the NPC and using a bunny as pet) and got the drop which went to Don (my smn in level 7 and staying that way for the foreseeable future). TOD was 1:28 pm CDT btw…

As usual, once they come out to help me they stay, helping with my trial weapon. We go back to the Shrine and go to town. I went in with 38 left to kill. By the time they left (after a few hours) I was down to needing 5, so TYVM you two. Well I stuck around hoping the weather would pop before I had to head to Nyzul, but no joy. I ended up going back to Ro’Maeve this morning and finishing up (got lucky to find weather as I zoned in).

Nyzul was interesting. We only had 3 tags so we finished off 90-100 for a member of the static who wasn’t there Thursday when the rest of us got it. The floors were actually pretty easy, good thing since we had a noob subbing. Tide got his great katana too and someone got werebuster. We tried again on 95-100 to get Tigerelf the monk weapon our time issues cost him on Thursday but now the floors were not so kind. We ran into the lamp from hell floor and naturally I found the bad lamp. Ordered lamp floor and my lamp has Wounded Wourfel, Simurgh, an NM I can’t remember, a bhoot and an archaic rampart sitting on it on floor 99. I already know we are screwed but I try anyway… send in the bunny, pop a whirl claws to get hate on him, hit the lamp and run for it. No luck and I die too close to use RR considering all the blood agro in that pile. Well we hit the rest of the lamps in hope that we got lucky 1st try and raise on boss floor, but naturally we didn’t and we really don’t have the bodies to make another try at it. We exited.

I mentioned being in sky 3 days in a row. Well that’s because we cancelled Friday’s Dynamis run due to attendance issues. I’d rant about it here but it would just rile me up again and I already have to repaint my apartment since my cursing peeled the paint off the walls on Friday. If it happens again, I have to decide whether to try to work on trial weapon or just XP. My new trial is 100 anything on lightsday/weather, and weather is VERY rare, I’ve only seen it in qufim, once in batallia I think too and one other place I forget, plus Nyzul. So I’m guessing day may be my way to go…

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