Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What’s goin’ on (what’s goin’ on)…

Glammy been a busy boy lately. I’ve been doing a lot of leveling, a lot of shopping, some missions, trials and even farming! Or to put it another way “you’ve been slacking off on your fucking blog!!!” True.

Red mage has gotten a lot of work, but it is not finished. I’ve been leveling through a multitude of means actually. I got a couple of Power levels, I have trio’d in a level-sync on East Ronafure birds (actually level appropriate), I did a conventional party sync on beetles in West Altep, I solo’d a bunch of FoV pages-mostly in Behemoth’s Dominion- for a little XP, I ran around floor 9 of Delfkutt’s speed killing giants for XP and gil, I’ve even been a level 43 key bitch in an Abyssea party (where chests were not dropping particularily well). I made it to a whopping level 44. Keep an eye out for me if you see anything around that level, I really DO want to finish it off.

About the Abyssea pt, I came to the conclusion that I am the weak point in my social and dynamis shells; not from lack of skill, but lack of power. I went to Abyssea hoping to just get through red mage but the party was low-man and so our XP left a lot to be desired. With few chests dropping about all I really did is keep refresh on my party and some weak curing. Had I brought one of my level 80s might I have contributed more? Not sure, but I can’t try if I won’t use them. Consequentally…

I got an offer from an LS mate who wanted to work on some assaults. I need progress too, so I broke out my beast and my brand new Superior Private rank and joined them. Don, Woo, KT (from our defunct Nyzul group) and myself worked on several assaults. After that was done, as I didn’t see a new group I could do anything with I decided to do some ToAU missions and a couple quests that have been hanging for awhile (3 years or so?). Solo’d 9 missions and 2 quests (including getting my Caedarva Mire map finally). Got a tell from Usul wanting to do something. We tried to just pound out some treants, and it was easy until we got Emergent elm but Duo we weren’t QUITE enough to finish him off. So I was introduced to the Campaign-style battles in Abyssea. The XP is just ridiculous it is so fast. I’ll definitely be returning, but I stayed long enough to get the merit I needed and the beast and bard armor bits obtainable through resistance points. I had purchased the bard piece that you get from cruor already, but ran out without enough to buy the beast piece as well. Went to Jeuno and unlocked my 81 cap, so I’m free to level now.

Woke up Sunday and decided to get ready for bard leveling, bought 5 songs for about 300k, so I’m poor again. Well, I’m already on beast, might as well farm and work my trial weapons. Headed to Pso’xja to kill lizards, but that was a bad idea, poorly laid out for cycling and slow repops so I left when lightsday ended without a lot of progress. Then I went to Davoi to at least work my level 80 weapon skill axe. Took about 200 off when Don and Woo logged on and we decided to continue ToAU content. Did the mission I stopped at, 10 fomor in 5 man waves, went pretty smoothly. Then we switched to assaults. 1st one went quite well, Sagelord elimination. Ran into a bit of trouble however on Troll Refugees with links, and had to bail after several deaths.

At this point we are coming up on Lightsday again and I ask if they want to work on trial weapons with me. Wouldn’t you know it? Don needs lizards on Firesday, I need on light. So we go to the Den of Rancor, MUCH better place for cycling lizards. In our approximately 3 hours there I manage to finish my Lizard trial AND my WS trial, and Don finishes his lizard trial as well. So I go and get my new trials, not as compatible for working with Don, but maybe I should check with Woo…? I don’t know because I’ve switched to bard since it is needed more often and I can generally solo on the beast.

We’ve done a couple Dynamis since I last wrote, last week getting our long-awaited win in the Dunes (yay!) getting Tavnazia access for MOST of our newer people. The answer seemed to be just a couple more bodies-which we got-courtesy of Peenut, our resident brit cheese fiend. That last little bit of damage goes a long way. Unfortunately, we didn’t have those extra bodies for Monday’s Xarcaband for-the-win attempt. We did ok… a bit sloppy early and it cost a bit of time, but with the power we have we are able to recover THAT fairly easily. However, Dynamis Lord is a different kettle of fish. He has to be taken down FAST or he just spams AoE 1 or 2 shotting everything around. In the time where he just stands there we took off about 70% of his HP, after that the death began, but even dying we took off maybe 10% more. I think 2 more level 85 DD or nukers and we would have had zone, and to be honest we WERE light on nukers. The rule used to be for a real chance to win you wanted 5 black mages, but I think with the cap increase 3 85’s could get it done, our 2 did fairly well on time nukes, but they often ended up dead because they couldn’t take out ALL of the group. We are working on revising our strats, but we are heavily dependent on who decides to show up on any given night.

Which leads me into last night and my temper melt-down (directed at me, so no worries people). I need money and some crafting materials and I also need to work the bard to 85, so I decide to combine all that farming as bard/dancer while working on my 80 trial dagger and my Nyzul dagger-note the order I listed there. I went to Onozco to work on torama , but it is VERY difficult without a 2nd, preferably with paralyna, to farm coeurl meat for pet food zeta (I’m almost out). Unfortunately, an 85 summoner was there farming so my 80 bard really didn’t stand a chance. I moved to Davoi to harass Orcs since at least they drop cash. Well, I was getting off about 3 WS/orc, 4 on the monks taking a nice bite out of my 80 trial dagger. What about my Nyzul dagger you may ask? I know I did… well if you remember the order listed above you’ve probably figured it out already; yes, it’s been in my off-hand. I’ve probably wasted 450 WS points-200 more than I need to unlock-using the thing in my off-hand. I reequipped my weapons in the proper hands and finished off the approximately 60 Viper Bites needed to finish my 80 trial. Went to Jeuno and triggered the next trial, dumped some inventory and I’ll be back at it tonight, most likely a bunny hunt in Ulegeurand Range, 300 AoE Weapon Skills, that doesn’t sound like a pain in the ass at all…

Talk at you soon I hope ;)

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