Friday, April 9, 2010


It's no fun being sick. Bronchitis, almost turned to pneumonia, not a great way to spend your days. Coughing so hard I've actually pulled a bunch of muscles in my chest, back and abdomen. So I'm taking a bunch of meds and moving in a perpetual fog. Nothing sustains my interest, can't summon up the ambition to really take on anything, everything seems tedious and slightly confusing, like it's out of sequence.

Been trying to get some stuff done with the thief this week, managed to hit lvl 53 this afternoon. But I've been logging out a lot to do something else. So this took a lot longer than it needed to. Spoken with a friend a bit, that's a good thing. Been out of work the last 4 days, that's not a good thing. Now I find someone stole my grill (and it was a VERY expensive grill) sometime in the last 2 days. I loved that grill. At least my basic view of humanity is sustained...

Thief is a bit boring somethimes to solo level. Kills are relatively slow for a guy used to beastmaster just plowing through enemies. Skilling-up without a tank to play with means that I can't go after stuff that is too hard. Being past 50 means the XP required to advance increases a lot more than before, meeaning I have to kill many more bad guys. The drops I'm getting are worthless, except the wind crystals; I'm going to be using those soon when I log to get stuff to make thief tools to raise goldsmithing.

Really not much to say, no real accomplishments this whole week.

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