Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dowah ditty ditty dum ditty do...

Glamdring, the update!

Been awhile since the last update folks, and several things have happened.

Friday we had attendance issues in the Dynamis shell and had to cancel the run. Rather than everyone going their own separate ways we decided to do other things as a shell. Many of the players needed Fenrir for summoner. I haven’t done the pre-reqs for that so I had to forgo it. All I know is they won and it went smoothly. I ended up with the other group doing “Voidwalker NMs”. Yeah, I never even heard of them before either.

Well, the only advice I can give in general is be prepared before you pop whatever it is. The 2 fights where I died were both unprepared pops. When we were ready, the fights went smooth (a few deaths, not wipes). The NMs we fought went down 50% right off the bat from Zerg (we had a full alliance though). We got no drops or advancement though, at least noone mentioned any. If I ever get around to doing these myself I might get into more detail, but not today.

Saturday I went out with the thief. While I was supposed to do CoP with Futility we had to cancel. The needy guy showed up but none of our friends were willing. I don’t know about his people, but all mine are interested in these days is getting rank 10 in all nations (useless except for bragging rights) and working on trial weapons. So I had to disappoint Laro, but without the requisite group to win what can you do?

Later, I got invited to join Doncado killing scorps for his trial weapon (he needs to sync to me for XP or else his kills don’t count). I was just finishing up a level on thief, so I asked him to hold off about 20 minutes so I could finish and get to him. In the interim, he volunteered to help flesh out a BCNM group. At that point I just cleaned out my inventory and logged for the night.

The next day I get up and realize that I’m getting very tired of soloing thief; tired enough that if I had no other options I probably would have just quit the game for a few weeks. Fortunately, I do have other options. With the new level cap coming, I have to get my sub-jobs to 49 soon. Unfortunately, I don’t have what most would consider to be viable subs for whitemage (I leveled as a whitemage/bard to get to 37 which is a good choice for an Elvan, using Paeon to lighten the load on my pathetic MP), so I decide to level black and red mages to 25. I put 3 suits of armor on to storage NPC to give myself some space. Then I raided my mules for level 1 mage gear (which I do have). Turns out I tossed Glam’s Pilgrim Wand some time ago thinking I was done with mage jobs, so I need to get one of those again soon.

In any event, FoV has totally changed the way low-level mages level. Getting Field Support Refresh means I can just power through monsters for the most part for an hour at a time. Actually, I burn more time getting to and from the camp when I need to go back to town to dump inventory and get spells. One other drawback—I had other characters I was going to level these other jobs on (Glam was meant to be a beast and bard only) and I actually started the jobs. Some of the spells I need are only obtainable from non-repeatable quests and that means I need to use these other characters to quest these spells for Glam.

Long story short, Monday comes and I need a scroll from Sandoria. Unfortunately, I need level 3 fame to do it (for a level 12 spell in a beginner job)?! Well, I don’t HAVE any characters with enough Sandy fame that haven’t already done the quest. So now I need to get Sandy fame, annoying since I’ve stripped my other characters of gear and macros already. My only options were a few running around doing cut-scenes quests and the sheep feed in Selbina quest. So, couple hours later, couple thousand poorer I have my Drain scroll for Glam.

Monday night is supposed to be Dynamis Xarcaband, so I’m psyched as this is the zone for the only piece left for my bard. We have 5 PTO, 1 quit without notice, I think 1 or 2 no shows and we have to cancel the 2nd run in a row! We have been winning handily lately, what gives? One member of the LS thinks that with the introduction of level 99 (which hasn’t actually happened yet and SE has a history of being YEARS off schedule with implementing announced changes) people are thinking their level 75 armor is no longer necessary, so they aren’t really trying anymore. I agree that is probably a factor, but my money is still on people being uncommitted lazy shits instead. Eighteen hours and I’m still pissed. The group fragments and splits before we can pick an alternate activity. Myself, I finished getting the scroll I mentioned above and getting supper before 11p.m. my time.

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