Thursday, April 1, 2010

Strange brew...

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Square Enix does it again…

Searching for information on the new content to be added to 11 in the coming months and I ran across an interview with Hidecki Morobu, lead developer on the storyline for FFXIV, the new MMORPG that many XI players fear will kill the current game. The release, originally slated for November of this year is being postponed “indefinitely”.

To summarize a long rambling interview (I wish I could find the link but I’m on the wrong computer) the problem seems to be that the storyline is being continually revised, with much of the original being scrapped. This, in turn, causes the cut-scenes to need to be continually re-animated, re-scored and just generally reworked. Sounds like some kind of cascade effect in the editorial process to me. There are rumors I have heard that it has a great deal to do with World of Warcraft and the expansions that they have on the books. I guess both companies are just trying to be the “bigger better deal”. Questions regarding the proximity of the release to FFXIII and the rather lack-luster reception of the much hyped game were met with no response at all, not even a "no comment".

Regardless, there is allot of new content on the way in XI so this strikes me as good news. I really worry about my ability to complete much of this content in the time allotted prior to the original release date, but with the delays hopefully the player base will be there long enough to get some of this done if the release is being pushed far enough into 2011. I’ll let you know if I run across more info, or can look at my history on my home computer for that link.

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