Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just put 1 foot in front of the other...

Last night I’m out and about on Glam with the blackmage leveling 12-13. FoV in La Thiene on bees and saplings. 1st thing I can say is that the treasure hound effect is doing precisely dick. I’m hoping for seeds to replenish the gardening mule, which I’m hoping to get back to using soon, but the damn things aren’t dropping (40 kills since I started there a few days ago, think I got 1 seed).

For whatever reason I’m just not having great amounts of luck. I died twice due to agro from mobs I was safely past while pulling my target mobs. Can’t wait for sleepaga, but not sure I’ll ever get it as I’m only taking blackmage to 25. XP is slowing down as that FoV refresh is making less of a dent in my MP; I really need to go get a new pilgrim’s wand. Still, it’s a lot faster than it used to be soloing for XP. I’m going to have to start partying soon, but holding off until I transfer my 14-20 gear over, and not doing that until I hit 14 on both black and red mage.

As I’m finishing up my level another player runs by, chased by a monster. She is headed in the general direction of the zone line but she’s zigzagging so much that it’s taking her forever to get there. Now I happen to be fighting as I spot her so I can’t help her immediately. I finish off my mob as quick as I can and then TRY to grab hers. Blackmage can grab from a distance, but we can’t cast while moving. Unfortunately, when I try to grab her attacker she finally starts heading for the zone line and so the mob keeps moving out of casting range. I do grab it, but she zones anyway. Just frustrating trying to help someone and not being able to, whatever.

Eventually I do finish off the level. I decide to log for dinner. I fully intended to come back and get level 14 after I ate, but I decide to make a dent in the DVR before I run out of recording time instead. With cartoon network showing Family Guy now the thing is filling up quick.

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