Monday, April 12, 2010

Slow ride, take it easy...

So Saturday I end up not playing at all that night. I don’t want to solo, I can’t find a party at 53, I refuse to sync to 16 and I don’t feel like changing to one of the 75s and going out. Quantum of Solace and a couple good boxing matches made for a decent night though.

Sunday I get up quite early and I’m ready to solo the thief and get some skill-ups on my ranged. I make a quick trip to Castle Zvahl Baileys to work on Demons, thinking I can solo them without my NPC, suggested from the Dancer solo guide. Demons link from long ranges. So I’m back to level 52 in a hurry and I’m out my outpost warp fees. Annoying to say the least.

Well, someone logs on to the LS. Haven’t had a lot of contact with her as she generally runs with a different group, but Vella wants to do something. So she invites me to join her Dragoon in Cape Terrigan doing FoV pages. Now I have no idea she is level 75 already but I go and she just sort of happily carries me on her back, even when we get some extra people. Funniest moment had to be Taydr cure-bombing Daybreaker so that he couldn’t get refresh from the field manual. He kept that up for almost half an hour! I honestly thought Day was going to cry… I even tried to help Day by pulling a bunny and SATAing it on to Taydr, but no go. Regardless, they let me ride for the full 10,600 XP I needed to get to 54; Damn nice of them if you ask me.

Well, I eventually logged to take care of some real life stuff (laundry, groceries, etc.) but I do log back in. I get to help Mousie with some of her Dragoon AF, which is good since she helped me with mine and I like to repay the kindnesses of others when I can. I also like to repay people for being assholes, but that’s another story for another post. Well, while I’m helping Mousie I get a tell (private message) from Doncado asking if I can help with Nyzul. I let him know if he still needs me when I’m done helping Mousie that I’ll help. I manage to help the Mousie and in short order I pop to Whitegate to do Nyzul.

We don’t actually have a full group yet, so I get to play the waiting game. Patience is not really one of my virtues, especially when I haven’t eaten yet. I know that if I start supper they’ll be ready to go immediately though so I just sit and wait. Well, we eventually get a full group and head in. First tag, second floor of the climb we get a “kill all” floor. Normally I like these because of the action. This time we get a horrible NM to deal with, Cappricious Cassie. Now this is a hard NM even for some alliances let alone a party, so we already know we are screwed on time. Multiple deaths ensue and we kill it eventually just on general principles more than anything else. Unfortunately, the other mob left is Sewer Syrup, another NM although not as bad as Cassie. Well we wipe to it and just let ourselves get timed out.

Now ordinarily we would make a couple more attempts, but our 6th doesn’t get up from her raise. I mean ever. We probably waited a good 40 minutes. Now by this point it’s getting late and I’m hungry and cranky. So I eventually log for the night. By this time it’s so late that I forgo the nice meal I had planned on making in favor of a frozen pizza. I pop on the DVR to watch the latest episode of The Pacific on HBO. Totally off the subject of this blog, one of the best things I have ever seen on TV is Band of Brothers, the miniseries about Easy company of the 101st airbourne from WWII in the European theater of operations. Well the same group of filmmakers got together to do The Pacific. So far I’d have to say it is good, but not as good as Band of Brothers was. Still, it’s good to see something that shows just how heroic these guys really were. Honestly, I hope they do something similar for both WWI and Korea. I’m a history buff but even I’m not really up on these wars and the men who fought in them. Regardless, I highly encourage you to watch if you can.

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