Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Now I'm back on the chain gang...

No post yesterday since all I did on Monday was Dynamis which is an LS only activity. We lost, I ranted there, ‘nuff said on that.

So I hit 50 on thief Sunday. Means I have a bunch of stuff to do now. I have not done the gear swap to my crow set yet because I’m trying to save the inventory. I’m working on getting all my thief AF knocked out before I start leveling again. The annoying thing is I just did this like 2 months ago on Shdwatch, one of the characters I abandoned when all the announcements about all the new content came out. So I have to do this quest again. The good news is it looks like I only have to be on thief to trigger quests, but can use any job to finish them.

Well, I do my running around to trigger the 2 AF quests I can have active at 1st, then I switch to my beast/dancer at 75/37 respectively, my favorite way to solo beastmaster. Incidentally, I was wearing all of my gear from the expansions… I’m ugly. The pants make me look like some MC Hammer wanna-be, and I can’t stand Hammer.

Now thief AF quests are one of the most annoying of the bunch, at least among the original jobs. You have to successfully gamble on multiple occasions, starting the whole leg over if you lose at any stage, very annoying. It would make more sense for thief to get the “hold a knife to someone’s throat” option if you choose not to gamble, but that’s just me thinking. Anyway, I head out to Sauromugue Champaign and make short work of the goblin. Head back to Jeuno, do my gambling with that goblin, and now I’m off to Dangruff. Won on 3rd try against Saltvix, farmed a Gausebit Grass, won on 1st try and same on the Egg-guy, kinda lucky. So I head to Gambilox. She actually goes down easier than Climbpix; it’s so unfair fighting either as a 75 beast, neither has a chance.

I hold off on finishing off the quest for inventory reasons. Now it’s time to go do my coffers. I decide to farm keys on beast/dancer as well. Yes, I know thief can try to pick the locks, but thief is 50 and wouldn’t last more than 30 seconds if I get agro. In addition, it’s highly likely that I would get a bad result from the coffer. So I check my inventory before I head out. Unfortunately, the only key I already have is for Castle Zvahl. I take that and head for Davoi. Long story short, no luck on key after 35 kills, but I still need supper, and I want a break. So I log to make chili-cheese dogs, pop open a beer and watch Gran Torino, there’s a downer. Thank god I have a truckload of Family Guy episodes in the DVR.

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