Friday, May 21, 2010

Do the hustle!

Been a few days obviously. Monday was Dynamis, we ended up doing Sandoria. The good news is we got some new faces again. Recruiting has been hard lately, and we had been a down on our luck LS for quite some time with more members leaving than joining, so this is a good trend. Now one of these members, Bloodyaries, has been expected as some of us SK peeps have been talking up ND and the times work for him. Apparently there are 2 more guys in BA’s regular group looking to join and that is to the good (a blm and an rdm iirc, and they should both be full-time members).

Bit of a rough run actually. Sure we got the win, but we had a few more wipes than I’m comfortable with. Our new guys were still learning the ropes, but that wasn’t why we had wipes. I think it was due to 2 things, lack of red mages and size of pulls. I had to roll with the blms as our only other refresh option would be Creaper’s corsair. We actually had 6 of the summoners at 1 time, which we never do, largest I’ve seen before was 4 at once-hell, even the night I pulled we were only doing 2 at once... So it was interesting. It always bodes well when we get new guys a win on their 1st run too, so that was gratifying.

Tuesday I had to go to the doctor, turns out my bronchitis never went away, or at least that’s the present suspicion. Meds make me a bit loopy. Did do some XP farming in Davoi, had a nice chat with a friend but I had to log early. Hallucinations are probably not a good thing when you are trying to pay attention.

Wednesday I was going to enter later, but the Internet went down for at least an hour (I stopped checking after that) so I went and watched TV. Stupid, since I should have been cleaning my kitchen instead but what the hell.

So we get to last night. I was going to Campaign at 1st now that my thief is 60, and I spent a fair amount of time looking for thief campaign guides, unsuccessfully as it turned out. SATA is gonna be a bit tricky since you usually solo Campaign, and on top of that the mobs move, a lot so there is no guarantee of even getting that off. I’d also be hamstrung waiting for raises as I won’t just spam Reraise earrings, and if I can’t connect reliably my dancer sub may not be able to do much to heal me.

I decided to XP farm instead with my NPC in Davoi. Ran into a string of bad luck on the 2nd mob we faced, an Orc Dark; it hit my NPC for a lot of damage, stunned her, did an absorb TP on me, I did a Weapon skill (still had about 173 TP after the absorb), hit her with a 2nd stun and promptly did a 1-shot critical hit that killed her as I tried to heal her. My NPC was clearly NOT going to have any luck that night. So I took Mousie up on an offer to sync to 42 in East Ronafure (S) on birds. I switched to /ninja as Mousie was Dancer main. I was puller, although birds are easy to pull as they don’t link or aggro and a bunch of them spawn in a very small radius from camp. Hate control was a problem from the get-go as warrior is not a great tank beyond level 35 or so and Usul was getting hit for a bunch of damage. Mousie kept pulling hate by curing and I was pulling it off both of them by SATAing myself. We still managed to not die at all, and everyone leveled except me (however I needed a lot more XP for my next level than they did, so that was to be expected). Oakami even brought his summoner towards the end and got a level.

Tonight is Dynamis again; it’ll be interesting to see how many of the new people show, as how often you show up when you 1st join ND is a fairly good indicator for how dedicated to the shell a new member will actually be. We haven’t really been enforcing the probationary rules because so much of the relic that drops all the vets have, and we would much rather see someone get the drop than letting it go to the floor just because they are all probationary.

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