Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One more sacrifice to the machine!

Done a few dynamis now with our new guys, one of whom-Bloodyaries-has been there for all 3 runs since joining, meaning he now has 3 city wins in his 1st 3 runs. Actually, we had the same luck when I first joined, the difference being they didn't do 3 city runs back-to-back so I had to sit out a couple. All told tho' we have been doing well. A few more deaths than I like from wipes, but we have been trying some new things too that even the vets are not practiced at.

Friday was Bastok, and it was probably one of the smoothest runs in a year. The only thing that went wrong is that Fash hasn't pulled this zone before and we missed a TE (one of those pops that hides behind a pillar at the AH). However, since the whole area was clear we managed to get it and keep going. I really like Fash's pulling, he keeps them manageable and at a decent pace, at least those that aren't designed to be hell. Consequently, we live. We have had some bad luck in Bastok for awhile now so the win was good for morale too. Bastok used to be an automatic win for us for a long time and I think this makes 2 in a row there now.

Saturday I played with the thief again. FoV on Antican Secutors and Lanistas until 61. I don't actually like doing them at all because of the distance from the FoV book. Curing waltz 2 helps alot tho', the only problem being I didn't leave waltz 1 in the macro for when I don't have the TP (or sync down) so if I need one right after a WS I'm kinda screwed. Easily fixed however. I moved to Castle Ostroya to get buffer XP. Kills are relatively quick even without NPC and I make a better profit. I logged after I finished getting my buffer and took some cracks at my DVR.

Sunday I didn't play long but I took my 61 solo thief to campaign. Imagine my surprise when I was actually hitting fairly often and my SATAWS was working too. Of course I died but with no XP loss on death who cares? I did 3 battles and picked up about 3k XP. Not as fast as a good XP party and you cannot get skill-ups at all in Campaign so I need to ration my time there, but it looks like that will be what I do while seeking. Although I can certainly do skill-ups in Kuftal solo or with NPC now to get my ranged up.

Monday did not start well. I started gardening again some time ago and my cactus stems were finally ready to harvest. I followed the recipie for the Adamant ingots but lo and behold Earthsday was the only day NOT included in the full moon. So I harvest as close to full as I can get (waxing gibbous 2% short of full) and I got 39 and 42 little worms respectively. Guess it's time to fish a bit huh? I still have 6 pots of tree cuttings to finish yet, but those should just yield saplings, prolly 6. Tree cuttings are frustrating that way, they take forever and then you have to plant them a 2nd time, that takes even longer. No yield results in the adamant ingot that I need for the last stage of my Gobbiebag either.

So Monday night is Dynamis again, this time Windy. I already said we won, so no surprise there. We did wipe a few times from trying to kill the Summoner house and one other set. The icons were sleep happy last night. That is very annoying as we'll do 7 runs without them trying to sleep us once and then like last night they sleep us 3 times a pull. Not fun to be slept, knowing you could do something if you could just move at all. Personally, I was praying to be hit with a Diaga or Poisonga but of course that wasn't happening. The coolest thing was that on the last pull the last 2 mobs dropped thief bonnets (which look like black baby bonnets) so I got my 3rd thief relic. It also means that when I hit the 70s I won't need to use any of my expansion gear as thief which is good as I went all beast on the builds; the base stats are helpful for an elvan thief, but the relic is better.

With all the death the last 3 runs I'm going to need to XP the bard again so don't expect alot of thief progress for awhile. I also need to scramble to level my whm, nin and dnc subs before the level cap increase in a few weeks. I expect to be on alot the next few weeks.

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