Friday, May 28, 2010

Shout shout! Let it all out, these are the things I can do without...

As I mentioned at the end of the last post I needed to recap bard, turns out I was down to 17k XP, and I am not comfortable that way. So I went to Campaign. Yes, I know I could probably knock all the XP out in about an hour in a decent merit party, but bard (and red mage) is expected to do too much work in merits while everyone else does nothing but bitch if the bard's pace falls off a microsecond. Not interested except with very good friends, and I never saw enough of them at once to fill out a decent merit.

Tuesday and Wednesday I spent in campaign, mostly in the early zones where my bard/ninja is at it's most effective. I probably did half of that time solo, the rest of the time partying with Peenut and a few random SKers that dropped by. My XP really jumps in a party so I think SE did something to the system that calculates it since I used to Campaign regularly. All told I think it took me about 7 hours of playtime to recap the bard.

I had to log early on Wednesday tho'. I was on SK since Unsociables was basically unoccupied for the last week, and one of the SK dramaqueens was in full voice. Now I have two things in this world I can't stand, drama for the sake of drama and stupidity. She qualifies for both. I had to log or I was gonna snap and tell her to take it to facebook where drama is apparently de rigeur or shut the fuck up because I honestly don't care about her problem of the day. I honestly don't know how the guy who knocked her up puts up with her, she must be either extremely hot or he's extremely desperate. Whatever, I left.

I made a decision on Wednesday night after I logged. The thief is going on vacation for awhile unless I really need to farm for gil, and even that I'll prolly do on one of my 75's, maybe with thief as a sub. The next version update is approaching fast and I really need to get my subjobs up. So I'm gonna finish red and black mages to 24-25, then white mage, ninja and dancer to 49 in that order. Personally, it's more important to me to keep beastmaster capped, but for my LS's it's bard that is needed, so I'll work my bard subs 1st. This is assuming that Dynamis will not be capped at 75. For that matter, the level cap is supposed to go up in stages, and I have no idea what size the stages are. I don't even know exactly how 76-99 are going to work spell or ability-wise. Beast is just job ability driven but bard needs to get their songs from scrolls and I don't know how those will be acquired. In addition, the current merit system is supposed to stay in place, but a new one post-99 is also supposed to be rolled out. We'll just have to wait and see...

Thursday I reequipped the red mage and went out to do some FoV. I got to 19, then had to shift some gear. I also had to turn in some items for leather guild points. Tonight's Dynamis so I doubt I'll be doing anything on the red mage front, but I fully expect to have red and black at 25ish and be working the whitemage before the holiday weekend is up.

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