Monday, May 17, 2010

It’s better to burn out than to fade away!

So, a full week since last post, bet you thought I forgot about you. I didn’t. This blog is about my gaming adventures and I just haven’t been on much. Yep, I was burning out and needed a break. I picked a great time to restart gardening in the game, huh? For those who don’t know, you have to check your plants every RL day or they can get sickly and eventually FAIL to push up daisies, so to speak. Hopefully, the tree cuttings and cactus stems are a bit more resilient that way.

This isn’t to say that I wasn’t on at all, I was. Last Monday was Dynamis Xarc farming. I did my commentary on the NewDawn site tho’ so I needn’t repeat it here. Lemme just say, if you are on Caitsith, looking for a Monday and/or Friday evening shell and not a complete and total fucking idiot or asshole (I am the asshole of ND and it consists of my calling YOU a complete and total fucking idiot) look us up, we like new peeps. Tuesday and Wednesday I just didn’t stay on long at all.

Thursday I started out doing a bit of XP farming (XPing off mobs that drop crap of value or cash but tend not to be above DC, mostly EP) on the thief. I don’t even have my seek flag up. I’m not very far along, maybe 20 kills, when I get an invite to a party in a level appropriate place. I almost shit my pants. I mean you have all seen my obvious frustration with the constant level sync and thief doesn’t get invites and the server is LOADED with leveling thieves anyway. So to get an invite out of nowhere from someone I am only vaguely acquainted with just threw me.

So I headed out to Whitegate and got invited only to find I’m now 2/6. Now I was a bit miffed about this because Usul had just asked if I could sub for him in Nyzul and I declined because of the party invite which I might not have had I known that he didn’t actually have a party. I see Mrcaldwell is in Al Zabhi so I zone in- only to find myself in Beseiged. OK, a bit of free XP and maybe a skill-up or 2 so I go nuts spamming attacks and using AoE buff items, die like 8 times, the usual for a level 59 melee fighting level 80+ mobs when there is no fear of losing XP. After Beseiged we flesh out the party and head to birdville. I hate doing birds, but they are the quickest XP at this level for a party and at several level ranges later on. The party went through several different line-ups, but it stayed together long enough for me to hit level 60. Now I need to practice using assassin and Trick Attack separately from Sneak Attack and Dancing Edge; I assume I SA+DE 1st to get a hate spike, then TA the tank to give it to him, but we’ll see what works.

Friday was of course Dynamis again. I was late as I had to take my Father-who is blind-to the airport and his flight time was wrong. However, we were late starting and I have a perfect 2 year attendance record with the shell so it was a no-harm no-foul thing. We ended up doing Windy. Things were going fairly well I thought until we had to do the summoner NM sac pull. Something went wrong-I’m not in the sac pull grouping so I couldn’t say what- and we blew the pull. Well, I tried to redo the sac pull, but we just confirmed that bard cannot do it, Flee is required (maybe bard/thief might work), so I died with only minimal success. We ended up doing a fight to a controlled wipe (death of all participants), then finishing the strays off. Unfortunately, with the multiple wipes we just ran out of time. I’m not sure why, but I’ve been taking on more of a leadership role in Dynamis, this is a good and a bad thing. Truth is, I’m not a very good leader; I get to frustrated when people do something wrong and I know it shows which is a problem since I don’t believe in public criticism or reprimands unless something is SO egregious as to warrant punishment. On the other hand, I’m taking some of the load off Oakami our run leader which I know helps him to avoid burn-out (a risk for any kind of leader).

Saturday I decided to work on recapping my bard’s XP. With all the Dynamis and leveling other jobs I was down to an 18k XP buffer, which is lower than I’m comfortable with; for end-game activities I always like to keep a minimum of 20k in my buffer. So I decide to campaign. Considering I’ve been working on lower levels I haven’t been doing campaign, so I start off by giving up my current medal. Now that I’m 60 on thief I’ll be in campaign a good bit again, but obviously that is a recent development. Well, the XP isn’t kind, nor are the drops, so I decide to do something else. Attowah Chasm farming scorpions, but I decide to get my map 1st. I do the fight for the map, but by now the burn-out thing is back and I log for the day.

Sunday I finish the map quest and start to farm scorpions as bard/ninja. Luck is not with me however and I get a reminder that I should have had my NPC with me, or come bard/beast. Mousie is on and so after my death I decide to join her in a level sync (everything on my bard is at skill cap except parry so the sync doesn’t bother me). We only need 1 page of FoV to get her ninja to 50. About this time Usul is available and we decide to go kill puks for XP. We powered through Puks for about 2 hours, but by this time Mousie’s ass has fallen asleep and I have a bunch of RL stuff to do (laundry, grocery shopping, etc) so we log. I intended to come back later, but recuperating from an insomnia bout on Saturday night catches up with me and I pass out on the couch watching Terminator Salvation.

The last episode of The Pacific aired on Sunday. It was very good. The ending was sad though. They showed the people portrayed in the series and a very brief bio of each, of all the people they showed I think only 3 were still alive. That’s with only 2 of the people dead in combat (in the summary, obviously many of those characters that were shown dying in combat weren’t in the summary). Those who wrote the books the series was based on obviously survived the war (few unsolicited books ever being published posthumously), but it’s still sad that so few people remain from an event that helped define the 20th century. They did a good job of showing the aftermath of the war on those who fought it and on those who loved them. They didn’t show the parades and the parties and such, some soldiers got those, but the majority did not; they were too busy with the clean-up and the other tasks that are never talked about in the aftermath of a war to be in time for the party. A fair showing all told I think.

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