Thursday, May 6, 2010

don't look back look straight ahead, don't turn away 'til the voices say...

Was a little late getting onto the game last night, did some RL grocery shopping after work, no biggie. Apparently I wasn’t the only one. Mousie had only been on a few minutes before me. Not sure how long Usul had been on, but he was in or waiting for a Besieged when I got on. I wasn’t sure if the guys had other things planned or not but Mousie put me at ease. She still wanted to play with my thief. I dumped some inventory from the day before and headed out.

Incidentally, if you are playing thief it is VERY important not to forget that step. You are probably leveling thief to help with your income (among other reasons). Inventory space is thus very important, and even the crap drops are worth a little gil. If you don’t have much space and end up in a marathon session you can very quickly end up having to toss drops to keep room for hopefully more valuable drops. In my case, I’m carrying a boomerang around along with a crossbow and 5 different status bolts as I’m trying to keep my range skills up as well, and I had another dagger on me for when I hit level 58. I really need to clean up Glam’s inventory, but with me leveling 3 different jobs, needing to keep my bard and beast gear convenient and having a lot of r/ex stuff piled up for quests I need to do and a few crafting supplies there really isn’t a lot of space.

Now when I show up in the tunnel Usul is still doing Besieged, so it’s just Mousie and I in a duo. Now I mentioned in yesterday’s post that the crabs are a bit much to duo, but that is synced to my level. With Usul I had no choice but to do my level as he is level 75. If we fought at his level we’d be lucky to be getting 10 XP/kill. Mousie on the other hand is level 61, meaning she is just hitting the level where XP might start to suffer (crabs are ranging from Decent Challenge to Tough). She was actually capping her polearm skill with her NPC as I got there. So I do a straight party with her, and with my XP ring we probably picked up 4k XP for me before Usul got there. This is pretty respectable for the jobs we are running.

Once Usul shows up things change a bit. First off, Mousie has already capped her pole-arm skill so she has nothing else to skill up. We level sync to me as survivability of a trio is much greater than a duo at level 57, and the XP/kill is much better when all the mobs are Tough to Very Tough+. The fights do take a bit longer tho’ because our accuracy and damage are reduced; well theirs is, this is my natural level. Except for breaks for RL issues we manage to keep a more or less constant chain going. I never worry about breaking chain as staying alive is more important, but it’s nice when you can keep the chain bonus going. Of course, my XP bonus ring is used up shortly after Usul arrives, but even without it the XP is reasonable. All told I think we trio’d for about 90 minutes and I got my level, got a buffer and managed to cap throwing to the level 58 cap. By this point Mousie had to go, I wanted some supper and I think Usul did too, so we called it a night.

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