Wednesday, May 5, 2010

it is the evening of the day...

Monday was Dynamis night again. We were supposed to be doing Xarcaband, we did eventually have the bodies for a good farming run, but probably not enough for a win. However, another shell had actually reserved Xarc on one of the voluntary scheduling sites. It seems noone is actually using those anymore, but considering the shells that just jack zones whenever they want (Straymetal, etc.) it could be argued that what’s the point if it’s just going to be ignored anyway? Interestingly, Samsara was no more prepared to enter at 8pm EDT than we were. We had entered so late on Friday that we had no chance of holding Xarc anyway. So we moved to Sandy for a farming run that we entered very late for.

The run was ok for the most part. If you look back a few posts you’ll find another post about our last Sandy run which I think went better. The main difference is in pulling. If you pull stats 1 at a time you keep the enemies safe and manageable, if you pull multiple stats to keep up the pace the safety factor goes out the window and the deaths increase. We were pulling much larger groups Monday and we had 2 full wipes plus several other fights that had significant body counts. The numbers of mobs killed was probably a bit higher on the night with the smaller pulls too. Not really that hard to figure out, if you have to wait for the whole group to recover you aren’t fighting anything. I apparently did a bad thing putting DoT on a mob we wanted to sleep. I didn’t see it, but it could easily happen with just a missed keystroke in my macros so I’m not going to argue it. The run was mediocre as far as drops.

Tuesday I called in to work. Had issues in my back (actually my chest wall muscles where they circle in to my back), very painful spasms, not fun at all. Having them today too, just at a different point in my back and chest. Started out the day in game crafting beeswax, full moon so I got pretty good results and I freed some inventory up. I then took my red mage job out and soloed to level 18. I ran into Mousie, one of my favorite people as I think I’ve mentioned. She offers to duo and I agree, but after lunch. When I get back and get changed into my thief duds Usul has also logged on. So now we decide to trio instead of duo.

We decided to go to Ulegerand Range to kill variable hares. Not usually a lot of competition there and the enemy level is right. Mixed results. We were able to kill bunnies fairly easily, but they are too close to other critters that we can’t kill at my level and so we had to keep breaking chain. All the down-time really killed XP. We decided to move to Kuftal tunnel to kill crabs. Now the crabs are higher level than the bunnies and with much better defence, but they don’t hit as hard or as fast so in a way they are better prey. But they are a very popular prey for people wanting to skill-up, which is always a major need in this era of level sync. When we got to the tunnel the place was almost deserted, but in the 1st 10 minutes we were there probably 5 people or groups showed up. We managed to keep our camp and the XP was starting to flow nicely when all of a sudden Mousie goes poof! Unfortunately, Mousie lives in the back-end of nowhere when it comes to communication technology so she has to use a satellite modem, which is not the best choice for gaming to begin with but even worse when the signal strength is not there. We gave her a good long time to try and get back but apparently it just wasn’t in the cards. Although crabs aren’t that bad, they were a bit much for a duo to handle, so eventually Usul and I decided to call it a night.

I gave Mousie my phone number some time ago in case she ever just needed to chat, and she called me about the time Usul and I were hanging it up. We had a decent conversation, although my small-talk skills are atrophied as I don’t date without a regular job. In addition, my voice has been shot since I stopped smoking (kinda like laryngitis) for the last 3 weeks and this is the longest I have spoken since that happened. I didn’t know just talking could start to hurt after awhile. So we talked, but eventually I got a business phone call and had to go, hope the Mouse doesn’t think I was being rude, I wasn’t, but my lawyer father has no concept of time or other people having lives sometimes. I look forward to talking with my friend some more soon, she’s a great lady.

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