Monday, March 15, 2010

Been dazed and confused for so long...

So, no posts over the weekend, sorry about that.

Been a busy time. We had a difficult night in Dynamis Bastok on Friday, although I did get an assassin’s vest which will see use eventually. Not really sure what was going wrong, we just worked our way through and ran out of time. Although we did have issues with the summoner NMs and sleeps. I personally believe it was related to AFK people, but again that’s just my opinion. At any rate, I logged for the night after the run in disgust.

Saturday began with me working on leveling my thief, which I got to level 40. I worked on getting my AF knife (one of the few useful AF weapons in the game) and helped a friend in SK get access to Aht Urgan. Shifted a bunch of gear, and then it was time to take another stab at ASA final fight. I had to sit out the 1st 2 attempts because there are limits on how many can go at a time. The lost 1 and won one so congrats to them. Some of them stuck around to help me with my attempt and we subbed in 2 other people needing the fight. Unfortunately, we had another loss on my run. At this point it was just too late and we had to call it a night.

Lost a friend on Saturday though. Grifter, a long-time member of SK called it quits, he simply doesn’t have the time the game requires anymore. Now I didn’t know him as well as the longer-tenured members of SK, but he was still a bud. He will be missed.

Sunday was the start of daylight saving time. This always screws me up—cant get to sleep, can’t wake up, my whole body rhythms seem to get shot to hell. So I didn’t log in until the afternoon. I spent some time getting hexes and trying to get the pop item for Death From Above, a notorious monster that drops a dagger I want for my thief and is in the same area as the hexes I needed. However, I had to break off to run to the office to fax a document to one of our idiot clients who claims he never received some pages (despite our now having 3 confirmations of successfully sending them), so I was naturally in a foul mood. Got back and eventually did get the item and my dagger, joy.

Died twice to the Temple Guardian (a monster you have to kill to open a door that’s in your way) because I wasn’t paying attention. Eventually I made it into the Den to get the other 10 hexes I need for ASA, or should I say try to. There was another NM in my way that was too tough for me to handle alone. So I called in the cavalry again—enter Doncado and Woochekitty from earlier posts. They help me out, but I’m really off my game from not feeling right—my reflexes were all off. We did kill the NM, although we didn’t get his best drops, ok since we weren’t actually after it. We work through and eventually get all my hexes; I say work because the way I was feeling it’s like I forgot how to sneak around. So we had to fight our way through for the most part. At least I’m good in a fight.

Well Don and Woo leave to go do Nyzul (a repeatable mission with some great end-game rewards that I’ll probably go into when I get into it a bit more regular) although they ask me to be on stand-by as they frequently have attendance issues, to which I of course agree. I head back to town to dump some inventory and then to craft some Acid Bolts as I can now go about leveling my marksmanship up on my thief, but not if I run out of ammunition. I ended up making 15 stacks (I had 1 already) using all my available supplies up. Regardless, that makes 1,584 bolts, plus over 1,000 of each of the other types I use so I think I’m good for awhile.

Change jobs to thief and head out to do some FoV, skill up my Marksmanship, and get a bit of XP. But it’s late and I log after a couple thousand XP. I’ll finish off my NPC when I get home from work before tonite’s Dynamis Windurst run.

See you soon all…

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