Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Terrible Lie!

So when last I left you I was thinking of running my computer through a dishwasher in hopes that THAT might do a virus clean. Well, ok, maybe not that… Now after 3 days I still can’t get my scanner to work so it’s time to hit the net. Well guess what I find out… I NEVER HAD A VIRUS!!! No… Bitdefender released an update that detected a 64-bit system as a virus, anyone on a Vista premium or Windows 7 account had a virus scanner quarantine all of their system files that tried to run. What the fuck?! Don’t you test compatibility before you roll out an automatic update? Talk about a customer service fuck-up of epic proportions.

There is a fix, which I have attempted to use. Think I finally got it working this morning, problem with a scheduler conflict (I hope).

So last night I finally get to take the thief back out. Same place, same plan—NPC set to tank, me thief/dancer. I actually manage to cap marksmanship and throwing to their level 43 cap. Now I need to XP to 44. Well, I switch LS to my Dynamis group social shell and get to see a friend I haven’t seen in a bit. She and I get to talk for hours (at my typing speed, we actually probably had a 10 minute conversation all told), just personal matters since we are friends. Made me happy anyway, which is a good thing since I’m considering how to aerosolize Mercury and spread it through the bitdefender building.

Well, for whatever reason last night was a night for a lot of personal real life stuff for a lot of people. Not going into the details, those are for other people to share if they so choose. This isn’t a bad thing, we are all friends, just unusual since normally we are talking “shop” in the game. So I’m doing laps around the 9th floor of Delfkutt’s for 50-60 XP/kill, talking to a bunch of folks in tell and LS chat, and trying to remember to Mug on time to maximize my cash. Trying to follow all this stuff is making me feel schizophrenic since every conversation is in a different direction. Eventually I just start getting a headache and need a break so I log to watch Dogma. Still funny.

So I’ll get back to it and hopefully I have more to discuss tomorrow.

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