Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What a Long Strange Trip…

Dynamis. The name says danger, fast action, and sudden reversal of fortune, epic highs and vicious lows. What it doesn’t say is expense, frustration and a load of hard work for little or no reward. So why do we do it? Chicks and beer! Oh wait, that’s sports. Well everyone is different, me I like to strategize and see the results, I like a group depending on me and being able to come thru’, I like seeing the dynamic of a group effort and the rare rewards are nice, too. Oh, let’s please not forget sheer, perverse bloody-mindedness.

So we’ve done 2 Dynamis runs since I started this thing, with very different results. On Friday we did Windhurst with less than stellar results. The run was destroyed by a dead battery of all things. Of course, sloppy play in general didn’t really help either. Dynamis is won or lost by the effectiveness of the dog-pile approach. If you can pile enough bodies on a single target at once hopefully you can cause enough damage to get a kill before your target gets to inflict his much higher damage on you. Everyone else is busy keeping people alive and the other monsters occupied. This is possibly an over-simplification, but people who’ve done it will get the gist of my explanation.

Because of this strategy, people have designated roles and there are rules that are made to deal with especially difficult monsters, like sacrifice pulls or monsters that are only hit with ranged attacks and the like. Even 1 person screwing up can sometimes be enough to kill the entire alliance on one of those monsters, and Friday we had several of those types of screw-ups. Now we have a policy in NewDawn (the Dynamis shell I run with) that only leaders specifically deal with problem players (a good policy actually, keeping discipline and order where they belong), because the difference between a good and a bad player is how they deal with mistakes. Lord knows I’ve made plenty, I just hope that my solutions work for the group.

The past is the past tho’ and we ran again last night, this time in Buburimbu. Now Buburimbu is a Dreamlands zone, with unique problems and a MUCH more difficult boss than regular zones. Last night we showed off our true mettle, winning on character and determination as much as skill. I was proud of the entire group in getting what has recently been a very difficult win. I even got my 1st drop in 9 months last night. We need to be able to stand and deliver like last night more often, because if we do I think more of the harder victories will be in our grasp.

So that’s it for today, hopefully next update will be a Shantotto victory ;)

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