Monday, March 8, 2010

... a Little Help From My Friends...

As I think I've mentioned, I've been working on getting to the A Shantotto Ascension final fight. Although they are never mentioned, there are alot of pre-reqs for this. Maybe guide writers just assume if you are lvl 75 everything is done. Let's face it, if you've been playing the game for going on 7 years, it's a big fucking game. So I hit several road blocks on my way.

1st needed to do almost the entire mission line for a rhinostery certificate on Friday before Dynamis. So i'm quite literally watching the clock tick because I need to get the quest at night. How annoying is that? I finish that quest and eventually get to the Blue Ribbon Blues quest. The monster you have to beat is easy, getting someone to open the door however... You see, there are a large number of players that simply pretend not to understand questions, even when you use the auto-translate function. Talk about rude. So I have to call in the linkshell to turn a fucking doorknob-I mean a doorknob?!!!

So I got past all that and into Toramai Canal finally. I get lucky, because it turns out I got the map for this place years ago, not always the case. I managed to knock-out 3 quests at once, one of which I've been on for 2+years! Btw, drop rates are not good, even on quest items. I did manage to recap my beastmaster's XP and pick up a merit point, all in all a good day I think. Especially when you consider that later that evening we beat the penultimate fight.

Of course that means I have more work to do... sigh. Time to get my 16 hexes, but I have no paintbrush, nor do I have a map for the Den of Rancor. I solo the paintbrush, key only took 2 hours to drop. I can finally open the door to part 2 of the hexes tho'. Since I've suddenly gotten big on completion I decide I need this map-for those who don't play this means I need to get a key to drop, then I have to find the locked coffer to get the damn thing.

Having just finished a 2 hour key hunt I know it's going to be a bad day for getting keys, so I call for reinforcements. The thief job increases drop rates significantly, so I ask the Suicidekings-one of the linkshells I am in-for help. Now Doncado and Woochekitty have helpped me many times over the years, starting when I was underlevel with a less than desireable job for the end-game things they were doing. I do not ask them, I ask the shell, but guess who just foregoes whatever they were planning to do to come help me? In addition, Chrispy-who I've probably worked with twice in 2-3 years-also comes out. I don't recall earning this kind of karma, so I think they're just good people.

Even with Don's thief it still takes about 2 hours for the stupid key. They guide me through, getting all the hexes I need, and now the fucking coffer decides to be shy. They appear in random places, generally all inconvenient. I think we took over an hour finding this thing, but everyone still stuck around. The only real regret we had was there was a lower level player needing help and we were all occupied with my needs.

So find a good group people, and pay it forward. You can't beat this game alone, and we know how hard it is to find good people in real life. So you go to a game and decent people just show up... Anyone looking for Chains of Promathia help is encouraged to contact me in game, I run a dedicated shell to help people finish up what is generally the most hated storyline in the game.

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