Friday, March 5, 2010

one of those working on a whatever nights

If you know me in game you know that of late I've been working on the A Shantotto Ascension expansion. Got to the point of the Toraimai canal fight and it seemed an appropriate time to get off my dead ass and get my rhinostery certificate. Lo and behold I'm way behind on this mission line. So I got to spend a positively delightful time watching seconds click by on the game clock so I can trigger mission events, joy...

Finishing up the run back from Mhaura for overnight delivery (I did say I was way behind) when I get hit up by Usul to see if I wanna fill a spot in Nyzul. With all the new game content coming I have just recently abandonned my other 6 characters since Glam is gonna be a full-time job again; I've been putting off some stuff as I work on other chars, but I'm free now so I figure "what the hell" and say yes. Now my jaw drops through the floor when I'm told they actually want my beast, but I love my beast so I saddle-up and I'm omw...

Now I have only done Nyzul once about 9 months ago (epic fail) and I have no idea what I'm doing but I figure I'll learn as I go. 1st lesson, no map, so no wide-scan. None the less, I actually did fairly well, 2 tags ending in boss fights which we won, and now comes the 3rd tag. We ran into a orderred lamp floor ("what the fuck is that?" you may ask, I know I should have) and ate up a bunch of clock, get to floor 2nd to boss and get a kill all, my favorite. So we are grinding thru mobs and who shows up but aquarius. Goodbye clock. So we fail.

In a preview of coming attractions for me, I'm helping a game buddy with the ASA final fight. I'm hoping to catch-up, but it takes awhile. So we decide to go for our 2nd attempt. I go brd/whm (went brd/nin the 1st go round) because maybe my cures will do some good and the guides say bard is good on this fight. Well, we got further than our 1st attempt, but still failed to get either wench down (we did get D. Shantotto to 1%). I dunno, we need to think over strats/gear, our 1 whm main is stupid busy and I'm singing until my voice is gone and curing when I get a free moment, in other words not much...

so it's 11:15 pm, I haven't eaten in over 24 hours, log, andouille & shrimp ettouffe' ready for the pot and I'm out.

next stop, tonite's Dynamis:whereever

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