Thursday, March 11, 2010

Working for a Living

Last night I set out to do some work on leveling my thief job. picked up about 1200 XP when Doncado says he wants to take another stab at the ASA final fight. Well, that's what all this work has been for so I head back to town, switch to my uber-fruity bard duds--we're talking full-on Clay Aiken gay here, forest fires don't flame this much, I described it as "I'm running around with a purple muffin on my head and bling on my ass", I could go on but you get the picture. So I head on out.

Maps pay off, as does the recent experience and I make it to the sacrificial chamber solo. At this point I notice that I forgot my unlit lantern (required to open the door) back in my Mog safe. Being rare/exclusive means I can only own one, so I can't just farm a new one. Luckily, a few of the others bring theirs so we are good to go.

Well, this time we managed to kill D. Shantotto, unfortunately her equally evil twin survived, so we'll be back. Run all over and get my 16 hexes again, so we are ready, will try tonight, not sure when.

Of course, fights like this consist in large part of waiting for the other people in your group who will "be right there" to show up--generally that means 15-45 minutes, over an hour when dealing with a real asshole--so we've got some time to kill. How do you kill time in a video game? Naturally you kill bad guys! Well, you could craft or do a quest or 3 but in the middle of nowhere you only have what you brought with you, and I haven't triggerred anything quest wise despite having a tonberrry board.

So we killed a few things and got the pop item for the Thief's knife NM. Those of us who stuck around got our hexes agin so we'll be ready for the next ASA go around, then we got the thief's knife, a must have item in end game since it boosts treasure hunter. Now, my thief is nowhere near ready to use it, but I am actively working on it so it's now proudly collecting dust in my mog house. The nice thing about bringing other jobs up to 75 is that you have your skills cappped for a significant portion of the way. I don't think I'll have to skill anything but ranged attack until 71ish on my thief. So I'm happy...

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