Friday, March 5, 2010

Who the flock are u?!

Heya. I'm a long-time player of FFXI on the Caitsith server. If you are on the server you have probably run into me at some point. I currently have 2 jobs at level 75, beastmaster and bard. My other levels are thief, ninja, whitemage and dancer at 37, warrior at 31 and all the rest below 10. I am an Elvaan.

Been through alot in this game and I have some fairly unique views on how to get things done in the game. Note that any advice I give is not on how to do things best or easy or the "accepted" way, just my way. As an example, I soloed 1-75 on my beast with a bard sub, which everyone said can't be done. Well, I did it, but I don't reccomend it for anyone else, it was damn hard, and there are better options today.

Feel free to look me up if you are of a mind, I ain't shy. Just know I keep my /blist on a hairtrigger for asshats.

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