Friday, March 5, 2010

Gimme something to do...

thank you depeche mode

so, not really all that long ago I'm sitting at home thinking I should really work on something, maybe in game. Not having a convenient boil to lance I decide it's time to farm.

You know, I used to really enjoy farming. With the way prices have fallen off tho' it's getting to be a pain. So I decide to go farm scorp shells to make rings to bridge my bonecrafting until I start on Demon arrowheads-a nice, convoluted chain of logic if I do say so myself. 1st off, where to go? Well, I need to recap/earn some merits with the beastie so I need XP to a 75, narrows it down. I end up with Attowah Chasm.

Schlep my way out there at the cost of 400 gil for OP warp, then remember I coulda tele mea and changed jobs in Mhaura-sign number 1 that I might need some more coffee. Reach my hunting grounds and fire up wide scan, no map-sign two. Charm an antlion and go to town, no drops for 45 minutes-was I supposed to /thf instead of dnc?-sign 3.

So stuff eventually starts to drop and I craft on site, fail-fest has now begun. Now I'm close enough to cap that I should get skill-ups even on fails, but no joy. Eventually I do walk out of there with a profit (scorps have nothing to do with it), 7 hours burned and 4k closer to XP cap.

So what have we learned from this little jaunt? Well, check your sub, supplies, etc before you go. Crafting in the 50s sux. A bst/dnc CAN solo an Arch-Corse. When you ask for help farming the silence is so clear you can hear a pin drop. Maps are your friend, especially when you don't have Warp, Tele or a convenient outpost. Make sure you have inventory space. I gotta start doing BCNMS, seals are piling up. Raffelesia suck. Don't forget to sneak when running over antlion ambush spawn points, they bite. Log before you go to the bathroom. If you do have to craft crap, farm your own materials-paying jacked-up prices and losing money just somehow makes the pain worse. When you already have 20 stacks of wind crystals/clusters sitting on a mule don't buy any because you are too lazy to log to your mule and back.

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