Thursday, March 11, 2010

That's what I say!

So I choose to solo XP a bit differently than other players. For almost everyone in the game it's all about the chain; people see that larger number and think that you get XP faster. I disagree. I go after EM or lower so chains are few and far between. I also usually do my XPing off beastmen because they drop gil (game money) and I tend to need it.

My reasoning is simple, I believe that lower level mobs leave me with more resources at the end of the fight, meaning I can go again more often without a rest, and I get more drops for sale since I kill slightly more mobs. We both need the same 6,000 XP for our next level, the other guy gets his by killing 50 monsters while I kill 80. However, he needs to rest to full after every 2nd or rarely 3rd mob, I rest after every 6th or 7th, even less often if I don't need to accomodate my NPC's MP. And my kills are faster since I do more damage to their lower defense.

I also walk out of there with more gil. Assume I'm getting 50 gil/kill on average, I'm going to go home with 4,000 gil. The guy killing higher-level mobs is averaging 53 gil/kill (the gil drop rises with the monster level increase, although not by much), he's gonna walk out with 2,650. Assume every 20th mob results in a salable drop worth 1,000, I'll get 4, he'll get 2. So I net 8,000 while the other player walks away with 4,650.

The only time to change this is when you need to skill something. The harder the monster, the greater your potential skill gain. You can't get a potential skill capped against anything less than EM

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